Dec 142013

Posts on my blog have been few and far between. What’s worse, is that I have not produced anything related to Pyrotechnics.  It will happen, just as soon as I find something that I really want to share with you all.

Meanwhile, I came across this website earlier in the week and feel that this is something worth sharing with you all:

This is a simple concept of selling a skill or product to people around the world yet unlike craigslist or gumtree or even ebay, the skill tends to be more from a creative background and must be priced at $5. As a test I have comissioned a member of fiverr to design me a logo for this blog and a second member to design me a wedding flyer for my fireworks display company.

Lets see how they compare. Delivery is due later this month for the logo and early January for the flyer. Although it’s a test, I intend to use both products so the wedding flyer will grace my stand at wedding faires. I’m hoping that the logo will also become an avatar for my many forum accounts.

It doesn’t have to stop at $5 though.  If you like the results then you can pay a bit extra for the source file or more for additional services. Think of it as a place to show off your talents to prospective customers who might be looking to commission a larger project with serious money.  Some of the members are very talented based on their portfolios.