Jun 172015

An image taken from one of our Fireworks Displays at Stanton House  Hotel, near Swindon. The photographic team who captured the pictures are Colin and Glen from Your Digital Memories.

Cotswold Fireworks Ltd

Cotswold Fireworks Ltd

The pink peony starburst is a 100mm shell which was bursting too low. I watched it rise up and at the time, all I was thinking was “This is going to burst low and wide”.

Fireworks by my company Cotswold Fireworks Ltd

Nov 122014

The main family PC which happens to be the central hub for all our needs (email, gaming, video and photo editing) was built way back in 2009.

It had an Intel i7 (quad core) clocked at 2.6Ghz and sported a Nvidia GTX260 graphics card.

You know it’s beginning to age when you six year old daughter tells you it takes too long to boot. So I decided to replace the system drive with an SSD and the graphics card with a more modern version. Continue reading »

Oct 132014

I had a small print job to do and rather than starting with A4 paper and chopping it into the right size. I decided to buy some A5 paper and save on messing around with a guillotine. The paper was purchased from Vikign Direct in theUK and promptly arrived the next day, well packaged and secure from damage. It was Vikings own brand paper but perfectly fine for the job in hand. Continue reading »

Apr 302014

Recently I have been seeing quite a few laptops arriving in the office with their NICs set to strange DNS entries. It appears that some home broadband routers are able to overwrite the DNS setting for a NIC and apply some strange IP range. The below script when applied in GPO will reset the DNS back to “obtain DNS server address automatically”. Continue reading »

Dec 142013

Posts on my blog have been few and far between. What’s worse, is that I have not produced anything related to Pyrotechnics.  It will happen, just as soon as I find something that I really want to share with you all.

Meanwhile, I came across this website earlier in the week and feel that this is something worth sharing with you all: www.fiverr.com

This is a simple concept of selling a skill or product to people around the world yet unlike craigslist or gumtree or even ebay, the skill tends to be more from a creative background and must be priced at $5. As a test I have comissioned a member of fiverr to design me a logo for this blog and a second member to design me a wedding flyer for my fireworks display company.

Lets see how they compare. Delivery is due later this month for the logo and early January for the flyer. Although it’s a test, I intend to use both products so the wedding flyer will grace my stand at wedding faires. I’m hoping that the logo will also become an avatar for my many forum accounts.

It doesn’t have to stop at $5 though.  If you like the results then you can pay a bit extra for the source file or more for additional services. Think of it as a place to show off your talents to prospective customers who might be looking to commission a larger project with serious money.  Some of the members are very talented based on their portfolios.