May 212013

I have had my Xerox Colorqube 8570DN printer for a year now and it is still performing very well for our needs. In that time we have printed 2,379 pages and have just added our first set of colour wax solid ink blocks to the printer.  As each wax block is 2,500 pages, I would say that the printer usage is spot on.

Never, ever turn off your printer!

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May 172013

I caught myself thinking about printers and the ones I have bought over my lifetime.


Gone are the days when the only consideration was picking a 9 pin or 24 pin dot matrix printer.  No USB to worry about.  Just plug it into the parallel port, flick a few dip switches to define the printer settings and off you go.

Compare that with your common, cheap ink jet printer:

  • Load printer driver
  • Power up printer and attach to computer when requested using USB cable (purchased separately)
  • Wait for all the extra software to load that really has nothing to do with printing
  • Wait for printer to calibrate
  • Print test page
  • Purchase new ink cartridge to replace the default half filled one

Who remembers having two printer ribbons?  The worn one that was fading but perfectly ok for everyday use along with the fresh one that you used to print your CV or Job Appliation letters.  Those ribbons felt like they lasted years, not weeks.

Looking back over the years it just goes to show how greedy printer manufacturers have become.  Sell the hardware at cost or even a loss and make the profits selling ink that has a higher weight for weight value than Gold!