Nov 122014

The main family PC which happens to be the central hub for all our needs (email, gaming, video and photo editing) was built way back in 2009.

It had an Intel i7 (quad core) clocked at 2.6Ghz and sported a Nvidia GTX260 graphics card.

You know it’s beginning to age when you six year old daughter tells you it takes too long to boot. So I decided to replace the system drive with an SSD and the graphics card with a more modern version. Continue reading »

Oct 132014

I had a small print job to do and rather than starting with A4 paper and chopping it into the right size. I decided to buy some A5 paper and save on messing around with a guillotine. The paper was purchased from Vikign Direct in theUK and promptly arrived the next day, well packaged and secure from damage. It was Vikings own brand paper but perfectly fine for the job in hand. Continue reading »

May 212013

I have had my Xerox Colorqube 8570DN printer for a year now and it is still performing very well for our needs. In that time we have printed 2,379 pages and have just added our first set of colour wax solid ink blocks to the printer.  As each wax block is 2,500 pages, I would say that the printer usage is spot on.

Never, ever turn off your printer!

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