About Me!


I guess I should start at the beginning but that sounds too simple so lets delve right in.

PyroBrit ? I cannot really lay claim to thinking this name up from scratch.  It came about after stumbling accross a blog run by Tom called LinuxBrit. Like Tom, I too have a passion for Linux but my primary passion after hacking computers is Pyrotechnics in which I run my own Fireworks Company (Cotswold Fireworks Ltd). So along with being British (and proud of it!), PyroBrit was born in 2000.  Wow, the same year I got married!

Fireworks before Marriage ?  Certainly Fireworks were in my life well before I even dreamed of getting married.  I can remember my first fireworks at 4 years old with my parents in the back garden.  Let’s just say I was hooked and after countless years of watching these companies produce displays where I lived, it was my turn in the early ninties.  In 1998 I met my future wife (Sharon) and at the time I was booked to spend a week at the Pyrotechnics Guild International (PGI) in the USA.  It didn’t happen.  They say “love conquers all” and having cancelled the plane flight, I used the money saved to buy the engagement ring.  One day I will get to the PGI.

Children ? Lucy and Hannah. Two gorgeous girls who along with Sharon, fill my life with all the emotions any sane person should ever need.

Computers ? It’s strange as my father was a computer programmer in Cobol yet I had no inkling that I would be drawn to computers as a career.  At the age of 11 I really thought my career would be in the military until one rainy day during lunch I walked into a maths classroom and set my eyes on an Apple II being unboxed. The schools first computer.  Mr Bell whom I always believed to be a fearsome teacher promptly asked me to take a seat and try it out.  And so became the remainder of my school life spending near every minute of my lunch breaks in front of a green screen monitor.

Career ? It’s been a long one so lets make this entry short and tie up this posting.  I’m sure there will be plenty more blog posts about the problems I experience on a day to day basis in my job as a Production Systems Specialist.  A glamorous job title but essentially I support and maintain the server hardware and OS systems.  Primarily VMWare, NetApp, MS Exchange and Citrix, both Xen-App and Xen-Desktop which I am grudgingly beginning to enjoy.  IMHO, Citrix is a whole world of pain and requires a very large hammer to polish it.

That will do for the moment.  I haven’t even ,mentioned Quadcopters, hacking, Arduino, Mame and more Fireworks…

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