Nov 272016

It’s been two months since we purchased our Xerox 6605. Since then we have blown through a black and magenta toner cartridge. The printer comes with a 3,000 page black toner cartridge and a 2,000 page colour cartridge. Did they last that long?

Well the black did.

The black toner lasted for 2,970 odd pages. This is quite surprising as the number of prints I do are heavy on black due to the number of fireworks pictures that get printed. The magenta cartidge lasted for just over 900 impressions but I didn’t expect the red toner to run out first. However, upon looking at the documents I have been printing, I can see that fireworks pictures have quite a red hue to them so perhaps that is why it was used up first.

The current data is 3,300 impressions so far with cyan at 25%, and yellow at 40% remaining. Both black and magenta show 100% as I replaced both colours with high capacity toners from Xerox. I refuse to use unbranded toner and ink in my printers.

The printer is excellent on startup with first page out in under ten seconds so long as it is something like a letter or email.  If you chose something like a brochure (MS Publisher) with large pictures like mine then expect the print speed to drop to 2 pages per minute. Yes, it is that slow. I have considered opting for the memory upgrade as that helped a lot on the Xerox Colourcube although the 6605 is a different design so I am not sure it will have the same effect and it is an extra £100.

Print quality is very good and I’m extremely happy with it.

Now here is the negative…. Doublesided printing is ok for lightweight paper but forget it over 160gm paper. You have to use the manual paper try on 160gm and above which means capacity is small but you can expect the printer failing to turn the paper over near enough all the time. So you print single sided and manually flip. This works most of the time but if the paper has curled after the first print (and it will curl) then it will fail to pickup the paper for the second print. Very annoying. The Xerox 8570 just has a much stronger pickup roller.

I print a lot of 160gm paper so I’m looking to find a paper that feeds correctly through the printers manual feed tray. Maybe I should try Xerox paper.

One final positive point which has made my family happy. Printing from tablets and mobile phones just works. Regardless if it is Android or iOS, it just works and the print output is excellent. The printer is ethernet cabled to our wireless router so no need to purchase the expensive wireless module that Xerox sells.

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