Sep 102016

It’s sad to say that 500 pages into a 3000 page print run, my trusty Xerox decided to drop it’s guts with the most horrendous noise I have ever heard from a printer.A quick removal of the right side cover shows that a set of cogs inside a clear plastic case are slipping and grinding against each other. I removed the sealed unit and re-homed all the cogs as per instruction manual but although the noise has stopped, the printer still has an error message showing which will not clear.

As I’m not really sure what is wrong and the error message doesn’t exist in google search, I have decided to retire the printer.

So goodbye Xerox Colourcube 8570 and hello to Xerox Workcentre 6605DN.

Xerox Workcentre 6605DN

No doubt I will give this a proper review of what I think in comparison to the 8570 as I start getting to grips with it.

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