Nov 222015

Ebuyer had a daily deal on this monitor and the price dropped to £299 with free Saturday delivery. I have to say that whilst the monitor is not a 4k resolution, it is so much better than those standard 24″ HD monitors that have become the norm.

Samsung Curved 29″ monitor

When sat in front of the monitor, the curve of the screen is barely noticable but the extra width in spreadsheets and video editing timelines is fantastic. The resultions is 2650 x 1080 giving a ratio of 21:9.

By far the best feature is the picture in picture where one of the other inputs can be set to a corner of your choice or even half the screen. I do a lot of work repairing friends computers and in the past you would switch between inputs but having both screens in view is superb.

So in conclusion, the image is rock solid, incredibly bright in comparison to the BENQ that I had, very good build, good speakers with plenty of volume, a rock steady stand with excellent height adjust and tilt. This monitor is heavy and that helps to keep it rock steady still on your desk.


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