Nov 212014

Remember this?

Elite 1984

30 years ago we were all playing this at school during the lunch breaks.

Now we have this:

Elite Dangerous

Apart from the huge increase in graphics and sound, this game is truly immersive. Even more so when you start adding a few small applications to complement the game.

There are a huge number of keys to learn and buttons to map on your joystick and in my case the joystick does not have enough buttons available.

Voice Attack – is incredible. It allows you to say voice commands which are mapped to the game as key presses on the keyboard. Considering it only costs $8 to purchase, it’s a no brainer to install this straight away.

Take a look here for an example of Voice Attack in action:

It’s not just a case of Voice Attack, people have now recorded voice packs to simulate the ships computer answering back to your voice commands.


Head Tracking – The second component I recommend is a Head Tracking device. This will allow you look around your cockpit and track ships in space whilst you are flying your ship to bring it around for pursuit. It will work in over games such as Warthunder but I purchased it specifically for Elite Dangerous.

There are two methods of head tracking system available. One uses a camera mounted on your monitor to track LED light sources attached to your head. A popular one is TrackIR.

The second method is to fit a bunch of gyros and accelerometers to your headphones and use a pieces of software that converts this to joystick commands into the game. I chose this method as I had the parts available to make this device from one of my old quadcopters. Better still the software is free to use so the cost becomes £20 instead of the £150 for a TrackIR system.

Its called Ed Tracker and is developed by a small team of people in the UK. Check out their site for more information on building or buying the device. All I can say is it really works and it works very well.

ED Tracker in action:

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