Oct 132014

I had a small print job to do and rather than starting with A4 paper and chopping it into the right size. I decided to buy some A5 paper and save on messing around with a guillotine. The paper was purchased from Vikign Direct in theUK and promptly arrived the next day, well packaged and secure from damage. It was Vikings own brand paper but perfectly fine for the job in hand.

Making booklets of 20 pages required 10 sheets of paper when printing on both sides. The test print went well and all the pages printed in the correct order and orientation. However when I loaded the paper tray with A5 and asked for 50 copies the printer started to turn corners of the paper as it tried to print the second side. Almost 30% of the sheets was ejected with a bent corner and the second side print would not be printed straight.

The fix after a lot of head scratching was to lower the printer speed. From the front menu of the printer under Printer Setup go into Printer Controls and turn on Sound Reduction. The printer will print a lot quieter but also a lot slower. This fixed my paper feed issues and dog-eared corners. I have left the printer in this mode as it is so much more quieter when printing. No more loud clacking noises.

The second problem only showed up after completion of the job. Not every ream of A5 paper purchased was exactly A5 in size. Two of the five reams were a millimeter out on the size and this showed up when you placed all the booklets in one pile. Next time I will print A4 and take it to the local artist shop who only charge a quid to guilotine it to size.

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