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Having lovingly looked after my Xerox printer these last few years, I was extremely pissed to find that it did not survive the electrical storms the other day.I guess a failed PSU had to happen at one point in my life but not from such an expensive piece of equipment that is only two years old. A quick browse of Google highlights many other people who have experienced similar problems of PSU failure in their Xerox 8570 but not from an electrical storm. These guys have had failures just from turning off the printer and moving it to a new desk. The conclusion I am drawing here is one of a badly designed power supply or cheap components.

So how do we get this repaired?

Contact my Supplier. Printerbase was the supplier. I buy all my printers and inks from them as it is competitively priced. Unfortunately I was advised that they do not sell replacement PSU and my best bet was to buy a new printer. To be honest it was the response I expected as the PSU is not a customer fit part.

Contact Xerox for replacement. Again the response was what I expected. The printer is not under warranty and I refused to take out extended warranty when it was offered at £260 +VAT a year ago. A very friendly agent on the phone did however pass me the details of a company they use for parts (Computer Parts International). He even connected me direct and the young lady at CPI had a price for a new PSU within 30 seconds of the inquiry. £185 + £10 next day delivery + VAT.

Buy a refurbished PSU. That’s a possibility and I have located a couple of companies who offer this service. One in the USA for $150 plus delivery to the UK followed by import duty, VAT. One in the UK who is yet to reply to my inquiry.

Repair the PSU. The internet explains it so simply on what to look for. I can pretty much guarantee that the failed component will probably only cost £3. I don’t really have enough knowledge to really test and understand what I am testing for but the biggest reason is that this PSU is so tightly packed with components that it is difficult to access the components that need testing.

Hire a company to repair the PSU. Loads of companies offer this service. The first company approached (PSU Repair in Newbury) sent me a polite email saying that they do not repair these models. I can’t say I blame them having seen the complexity of this PSU. More to follow here…

Buy a broken printer from eBay. This is currently my preferred choice. Now that I have a price for a new PSU, all I need is a broken printer to bid on that still powers up.

Update -Sept 2015 – I’ve had many requests for information on the broken part in the PSU. It’s actually a capacitor which is fortunately on the edge of the cirucit board. Here is a picture of the offending item:


Further information on the part can be found in the comments to this post.

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  1. Hi, did you get anywhere with this as I have a printer with the same fault and was looking at getting the PSU repaired?


    • Hi Tony,

      Sorry but I did not see your reply sooner. The mysql service on my server was updated and this caused my blog to fail. Now that I have it back and operational, I can say that the PSU is pending repair by an outside company. I’ll let you know how much it cost once they have found out whats wrong.


  2. I had a similar problem, with an 8570 which was two and a half years old. No extra warranty but I pushed Xerox and with a bit of help from my supplier managed to get them to repair it for free. They have conceded there was a fault with this model and have upgraded the power supply to the latest spec.

  3. Quote European Directive 1999/44/EC if you’ve had the printer less than 2 years.

    This helps give an explanation.

    I got my 18 Month 8570 repaired by a xerox engineer after contacting Xerox. The first thing they said when I quoted the serial number was that it was out of warranty. The second I began to quote the EC directive he changed tone and booked a free callout and repair. They know about 2 things. 1 – Their obligation under EU law but wont acknowledge it without prompting. 2 – They also know that there is a manufacturing fault with the original PSU’s for the 8570 series which causes them to hold too much charge, damaging themselves if not run through the manual power down process. The Xerox engineer told me this and said that the PSU is replaced on all service calls (regardless of the callout reason) where it is known to be the older model PSU.

    After 2 years you are covered by the sales of goods act which provides for 6 years cover of goods should there be a manufacturing fault. As Xerox themselves and their service personnel know about the issue this shouldn’t be a difficult one to prove should you need to take legal action. I reckon if pushed though Xerox will just sort it though to save bad press and you’ll get a working printer again without charge.

    • With hindsight, maybe I could have pushed for a repair. Thanks for the link, it’s worth knowing about.

      The printer is going strong and i’ve pushed another 4k of pages through it since the replacement power supply was fitted.

      Oh and one more power cut which was down to me tripping the circuit breaker 😉

  4. Many thanks for the above info. Our colorcube 8570 died – failed power unit as described above. I contacted Xerox tech help and was ready with the EU directive / sale of goods info. However to my pleasant suprise as soon as I mentioned the power unit had failed I was told an engineer would get in touch directly to sort it. 4 hours later an engineer turned up and fixed a new power unit so back up and running. The engineer did say that there had been a fault with the older power supply units and the replacement versions were much better. We’ll see, Glad to see a company sorting their problem rather than passing the buck!

  5. Maybe you can help me, too?
    I installed my 2.5 year old Xerox Colorcube 8570, connecting it via Windows 8 ‘add a printer’ and printed a test page. Fine, no worries.
    I used it to print a letter this am and discovered the print selection box was terrible and allowed me to do next to nothing with the document. (later finding it had self-installed Series Class Driver) I printed it anyway because I needed the letter.
    The print worked fine but the quality was poor leaving me with dark graphics.
    I researched the correct driver on Xerox’s website, uninstalled the first printer and then added the proper one with proper driver.
    It’s been a nightmare ever since.
    I got an error code: 93, 984, 00: 3402 – something about ink failure
    I deleted the printer again, added it again, and this time I got a message to add Cyan Ink. I did.
    That was followed by another and different error code: 91, 720, 00: 3402 – something about a tilt in the printhead.
    I contacted Xerox via Twitter and was told the situation was purely coincidental and that I needed to have a site visit from a service person. This is unacceptable.
    I am the only one who uses this machine in a home setting. Purchased in summer 2012, and having only printed 3398 pages since then, the machine is like-new.
    I didn’t even touch the machine until I had to move it to reach the switch to power it down.
    What would cause this to happen and how can I get it repaired?
    Thank you!

    • Hi,

      You said you moved the printer to reach the power switch. This could potentially be the cause of your problems. Not the printer driver problems thats just the usual Microsoft driver issues that you can get with any printer.
      According to both the faults you have recorded, the internet says this:

      91,721 Printhead Tilt Fault
      A Printhead Tilt error has occurred. The following troubleshooting procedure applies to this
      Initial Actions
      • Reboot the printer and verify the error persists.
      • Check that the Process Drive gear train is properly homed.
      • Check for obstructions or ink spills around the Printhead.

      A 93,984,00 error refers to an Ink Load Obstruction and Reservoir Not Filled issue and the machine needs to be powered off asap to avoid further damage to the printer. This relates to Cyan in particular. It is also worth checking all the other colours at the same time. You need to take the following steps:

      1.DO NOT RESTART the printer as this could cause the head overfill.
      2.Check for any ink spills around the Printheads and clean them up.
      3.Check the Ink Loader for bent melt tips.
      4.Check for the Ink Loader power cable being misrouted around the melt tips.
      5.Check height of all ink levels in the head reservoir.
      6.Restart the printer.

      As you can see, both errors mention ink spill. The ink is kept in a melted state when powered on and if the printer is moved, the melted ink can slosh out of their reservoirs over the internal components of the printer.
      The manual states that after powering off the printer, leave it to cool for 30 minutes to allow the ink to solidify before moving the printer.

      That’s my best guess on the fault you are seeing displayed. Power down the printer, let it cool then strip and clean if possible.

      • As a xerox engineer myself from my experience of this fault code if after cleaning solidified ink the error comes back or you have head tilt errors then the machine will require a new print head which unfortunately is not cheap.

  6. Thank you so much for your time and help.
    Because I didn’t find the expanded information after the first error, I didn’t know not to move the machine and/or power it back up again.
    I did power up to try to see if that would resolve the problem but it probably only made it worse, as you have stated.
    I will have a look now that it has been off all night and see if I can do anything myself before calling Xerox.
    I love this printer – my second one – after using them in a business environment. My first was used and it never gave me a problem – even with moving house twice. I hate to lose it but with what I’ve seen on the net, it seems they are wrought with issues.
    Again, thanks so much.

    • Taking the sides off will allow you to lift off the ink tray, be carefull of the 4 fins attached to the underside of the ink tray that melt the ink and guide it into the reservoirs. That should give you top down access and you may see what is wrong. I have never taken the reservoirs out so could not say what exactly the print head looks like.

      I have a spare printer here (without PSU) which you are welcome to take off my hands (free) if you are in the UK. That would give you parts should you need them.

  7. What part did they finally fixed? Changed new PSU? Can it be fixed?

    • I bought a broken printer and ended up swapping the power supplies. There is a known problem with early power supplies of the Xerox 8570. See if you can get Xerox to change it for you.

  8. The 8570 is a nightmare and I dread a power failure. It is not just the PSU that is affected. My first came up with a print head jammed error after a power cut. I called Xerox and they said it needed a new printhead and that the callout charge would be £370! It was one year and two weeks old. At the time a new 8570 was £280 with the rebate!

    I found a secondhand dead 8570 on Ebay for £40 to recover the printhead, but that did not fix it – the problem was just that the cleaning mechanism had jammed and the solenoid was not strong enough to release the clutch. Poking the solenoid with a screwdriver released the jam and it carried on working until the next power cut when the same thing happened again.

    Eventually one day after another power cut I released the jam in the usual way and something flew out of the mechanism. I never did find what flew out so gave up and put the PSU module in to the Ebay 8570 and it has been fine up until the PSU has now failed after a power cut so both are out of service.

    It would be nice to know what fails in the PSU. All the big semiconductors and fuses look to be sound so whatever has failed is probably very inexpensive indeed.

    • I still have my old PSU sat on a shelf. I’ve found a company who are willing to take a look at it and diagnose the problem. Maybe I should send it off and see how cheap the fix would be. You are right I suspect a very cheap component.

      • I have a 4 year old Xerox 8570DN printer. Last week we had a power cut and the printer just died. I tried changing the power leads, but the printer just would not power on. I rang Xerox Tech Support and told them I thought it was the known problem with the PSU. They sent an engineer out next day at no cost. He said he was surprised the PSU had lasted so long! He changed the PSU and it has been working fine since. Must admit I was pretty impressed.

        • That’s great news. I’m happy that Xerox recognise the PSU issue on older models. It would be good to know when the new PSU revision came out so we could say “Printers older than June 2014 are affected” for example.

  9. It a 15p cap replacement in the psu. I have done a few now. *
    If your printer has been registered they will fix it, especially if you go via the US help pages (it worked for me!)
    * 0.1 275v needs a 600v replacement – happy tp post one!

  10. My 8570 (purchased Nov 2013) has recently decided to stop powering on. I am currently trying to get Xerox to send out an engineer under the EU directive – I have been awaiting ‘quote approval’ for about 10 days now. I am seriously tempted to buy a printer from eBay and attempt a repair myself but I can’t be 100% certain where the fault lies.

  11. I have sent boss man an email reply to thee component to replace – with photo which I assume he will add for you all.

    I would suggest that you check first the psu is dead dead by removing all but the mains lead and turning on. If there still is no sign of any internal leds lighting then you should be able to fix it with a cap replacement.

    Remember to remove the three leads in the top of the psu under the ink loader!

    Now you have the covers off and it unplugged remove psu from back.

    You will now need to remove every screw you can see to be able to remove the psu from it’s case; note how the side panal is fitted in relation to the internal pcb – if you force it back wrong all will definitly go ‘bang’ this time!

    You now need to remove the screws holding the main pec to the rest – there is an extra screw in the middle of the pec to find to fully release it. The slide from the plug/socket.

    On the bottom lhs you will find a (normally white) rectangularly shaped cap marked 0.1uF at 275 volt.

    This has to be replaced with a cap of suitiable type BUT at, at least, 500v. I assume you know how to do this without ruining the pcb or it’s tracks!!

    Now put the psu back togeather – you did note what you did did you not?

    I suggest you just put the mains lead in and turn it back to check and see that a led light up inside before returning it to the printer.

    Now put it back in and reconnect everything – checking that you have not missplaced the leads under the ink loder – they can be a bit of a fiddle to refit.

    Power it back up and all should be well – errors are normally due to a lead not being refitted (it will be one under the ink loader because they are the most trouble to get too).

    You may have to recycle the printer more than once depending upon where it was when it crashed.


  12. Dear all, I have my personal XEROX 8570 with a broken PSU, out of the warranty period.
    I have investigated the PSU diods and they seem ok.
    Do you have any more info regarding which is the broken capacitor on it that can fix the power supply problem?
    Thank you in advance for the support.

  13. someone can give me a link where to buy a cap replacement with 100nF 500V or 600V AC ?

    thanks for your help

  14. My PSU failed today fafter a power cut. The 8570DN is just over 2 years old – out of warranty.

    I called Xerox Support who immediately acknowledged the problem and arranged an FOC engineer and replacement.

    If your PSU fails, call Xerox support. They are very good

  15. Identical issue with my two 8570’s (~2013) – powered down properly and then no signs of life when I tried to bring them back up. Very very annoying and puts Xerox on my ‘never buy’ list.

    Inconveniently – my C44 capacitor on the power unit was placed the other way round (label facing heatsink)

    Current component: KNB1560 / 0.1uF / 275VAC / 15mm pitch
    Direct replacement: 0.1uF / 275VAC / 15mm (http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/01uf-275v-x2-rfi-metallised-polypropylene-capacitor-n69cn)
    Am now searching to identify an alternative 0.1uF / 500VAC / 15mm

  16. I tried this and was successful in getting my ColorQube 8570DN working again ! Yay !
    Thank you Jeremy for the detailed information and photo.

    You might want to have a look at this video on how to take the printer apart and put it back together.
    I found it helpful when deciding where to start.
    Thought I would add it to the comments here in case it would be of use to others.
    Describes how to get that PSU / Electronics module out so you can work on it.
    You will recognize that the printer in the video has the same chassis as the ColorQube 8570.

    Xerox Phaser 8400 8500 8550 8560 Has no power, ram error, or other errors

    That is the link I used but you could just search youtube.com for “xerox phaser no power” to find it for yourself.

    Yes, had a good day. Also fixed my Samsung LCD 40″ which had a similar problem… 2 capacitors and it works fine…!
    If you are curious, I used the following video as a reference and other website postings…
    Samsung LCD TV: Failed Power On (Clicking) Repair : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGbAgbZrmXM
    Just search youtube.com for “samsung tv failed power clicking”

  17. My 3 year old machine failed after I turned off the power at the mains for a DIY project without remembering to power down the printer. Lesson learned there. I looked to buy a used replacement machine on Ebay, but the cheapest was £40 and an hour’s drive away.

    Thanks to you for your, and everyone else’s help. I found this site and managed to open up my printer, replace the capacitor “C44”, as described above, fit everything back together and it worked! I had no screws left at the end either, just one grazed knuckle!!

    This site was helpful too http://www.mmtek.com/dp20090929/node/362 so thanks for them too.

    I couldn’t manage to find an obvious 500v replacement for the cap (I’m no expert in these things) so replaced it like for like with one from Maplins (which cost just 89p). see http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/01uf-275v-x2-rfi-metallised-polypropylene-capacitor-n69cn This seems to work fine, albeit time will tell I suppose if the cap is undersized or if the originals are just defective.

    I just wanted to say to everyone reading this that I have no experience in electronics or even using a soldering iron. As such I was contemplating taking the board out of the machine myself and then taking it to a phone repairer or somewhere similar to be soldered by an expert. In the end I decided I had nothing to lose and purchased a cheap soldering iron from a local hardware shop (Wilkos) for £10. I got a reel of solder too for £2. These worked fine. To remove the capacitor I just heated up the existing solder on the back of the board and when liquified, pulled the legs of the cap out just as far as each would go. I’d then do the other leg and pull that a little. After about 3 goes on each leg, I was able to pull the cap out completely and cleanly.

    To fix the new one, I simply did the reverse. I heated up the residual solder left in the hole in the board and carefully pushed each cap leg through as far as it would go, one leg at a time, until the body of the cap sat flat and flush against the board. I then applied the smallest amount of solder to the back of the board to make sure it was properly connected and secure. I probably used about 1mm of my solder – there must be about 1m on the reel I bought!

    It was the simplest of operations, cost me a total of £12.89 and I’m writing this feeling really pleased that I’ve managed to repair the printer and avoid replacing it. How many people are just scrapping them and replacing? What a waste! Xerox must be making millions.

    • Glad to hear all went well.

      My central heating system (wireless control) also went wrong and that was a 50p Capacitor replacement. Saved spending £90 on a new one.

  18. Merci à tous
    Merci pour vos commentaires.
    J’ai changé le c44 et ma xerox 8570 fonctionne à merveille.
    Au total cela m’a coûté 0,8€ !
    Thank’s a lot

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