Jul 292014

I purchased a broken Xerox 8570 to repair my one. After collecting it after a 4 hour round trip, I had a lovely surprise when I started to strip it down.

As my own printer had a broken Power supply (PSU), I had followed several routes to getting it repaired.

A new PSU was quoted at £185 + VAT and delivery but luckily I won a broken printer on eBay for £63. Even with the journey time and 150 miles of fuel, it was still a worthwhile project to cannibalise it for parts to repair my printer.

Two hours is all it took to transplant the PSU into my printer and I was up and running again.

By far the best nugget in this eBay transaction was that this printer had a fully loaded set of Xerox ink sticks. The retail value of these sticks is over £360 +VAT so although I started with the disappointment of a broken printer, I eventually acquired a bargain and that doesn’t include the additional spare parts I now have.

  3 Responses to “Every cloud has a silver lining.”

  1. I’ve recently had to do quite a bit of printing using A5 paper. Having a spare paper tray lying around just loaded with A5 paper makes for a much faster and efficient paper change.

  2. the broken power supply is a known fault (substandard capacitors) and I have just had an out of warranty repair from xerox for free, it’s a ‘mandatory replacement so the engineer told me.

    • Maybe I should have pushed hard with Xerox. There must be loads of these printers out there as I bought mine when the cash-back was £200 which reduced the printer to £135 to buy. Quite a bargain.

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