May 192013

Oh Dear! I bought a HP all-in-one. What a massive mistake.Stepping back a little bit to the end of 2011, my office was feeling cramped. Inkjet, laser, scanner, fax, two phones and two computers all on one large desk.  I needed to lose some items and decided on a multipurpose inkjet. It was important that I retain fax capability which limits the number of printers I could pick from and unfortunately I saw a Staples advert for the January sales with the HP OfficeJet Pro at a significant price reduction. I forget the exact model as I really want to forget it.

It’s large, it’s piano black and I have to say it prints and scans well. But that’s it!  It has two major failings that I feel really should be communicated to you all. The first is fax.  It doesn’t fax at all. Well it would on a normal telephone line but not on a VOIP line. My fax line through SipGate is a VOIP line as it cost me nothing to own but as I have now found out is no good when used with HP fax machines.   It’s all to do with the fax chipset used in HP equipment and had I researched about HP faxing, I would never have bought this printer.

The second problem I personally think is down to greed, pure and simple. The standard ink cartridges contain only 3ml of ink. Canon carts contain 9ml of ink and are cheaper to buy. Never in my life have I known a printer to change ink carts so often. It’s quite plainly criminal. But HP do a higher capacity XL cartridge which costs 50% more than a Canon cartridge and still has less ink than the Canon.

I lived with this fax inhibited printer for 8 months before I finally decided it was time to count my losses and get rid of this expensive device (too much ink) and pick what I should have picked first time round. A Canon MX 895.


The Canon scans, faxes on VOIP, prints, looks good in Piano Black and is frugal with the ink. It’s like having my old Pixma back on the desk.  I’m a happy chappy again.

So 1 year later, the Canon is on its third set of carts which is a heck fewer than the HP used in its 8 months of tenure.

Inkjets. They’ve come a long way since the 80’s but there are still a few pitfalls when buying one.

Next will be my experience on colour laser printers.


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