Jan 212016

If you get cold called by these guys asking if you would like to sell your business; do not do anything until you have googled their name and read the damning evidence against them.

They have to be one of the worst leech companies ever and you would be crazy to even entertain them in your house let alone over the phone.

Aug 202015

Each year in the 2nd week of August pretty much everyone in the UK Fireworks Industry travels down to Plymouth to watch this competition. It is held over two nights (Tuesday & Wednesday) with three fireworks displays each evening. If you want to visit I advise you to get there early. With 100,000 people watching each night, the city soon becomes gridlocked. The six teams are drawn from a selection of Fireworks companies from all over the UK.

The competition for 2015 was between these six companies (in firing order).

  • Tuesday 18th August
    • Phoenix Fireworks
    • Spyrotechnics
    • Essex Pyrotechnics
  • Wednesday 19th August
    • Fantastic Fireworks
    • Gala Fireworks
    • 1st Galaxy Fireworks

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Jun 172015

An image taken from one of our Fireworks Displays at Stanton House  Hotel, near Swindon. The photographic team who captured the pictures are Colin and Glen from Your Digital Memories.

Cotswold Fireworks Ltd

Cotswold Fireworks Ltd

The pink peony starburst is a 100mm shell which was bursting too low. I watched it rise up and at the time, all I was thinking was “This is going to burst low and wide”.

Fireworks by my company Cotswold Fireworks Ltd